Oakland City Columbia Township Public Library

Serving the community by providing informational and recreational opportunities in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Get Your Card Today!

Your library card is the key to using library services like books, movies, and more!

Library cards are required in order to borrow materials from the library. No card is needed for in-library reading or computer use. Unless otherwise noted, all cards are valid for one year and must be renewed annually in order to continue borrowing privledges.


Free cards are available to residents and property taxpayers of the library taxing district (Columbia Township.)  New customers must present a photo ID with current address to obtain a card. If photo ID does not have current addresses, a current bank statement, utility bill, mail from a government agency, or USPS change of address card is acceptable with photo ID. 


Those unable to present the required documentation, should speak with library staff to obtain a card using alternate process.


Non-Resident Card Information

At this time free cards are also available to:

-East Gibson School Corporation students and classroom teachers

-Center Township residents*

-Barton Township residents*

-Current cardholders of any Gibson or Pike County Public Library**


*Center and Barton Townships currently fund a limited number of library cards. Please contact the library to verify if there are still remaining cards available for the fiscal year.  These cards are limited to one per household.  Additional cards would be subject to the current non-resident subscription fee.


**The library maintains a reciprocal borrowing agreement with all Gibson and Pike County libraries.  This agreement allows for limited access cards to be issued providing you have an established account with a reciprocal library. These cards are limited to local holdings only and must utilize their home library for e-books, databasaes, and inter-library loans.


A detailed policy is available here