Oakland City Columbia Township Public Library

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Internet and Technology Use Policy


Use of library internet access or technology means that patrons agree to the following:

  • Computers may only be used for legal procedures.
  • Users will refrain from changing settings and icons on computer desktops.
  • Users will not violate software, hardware, or copyright laws.
  • Patrons are limited to 30 minutes when there is a waiting list. During periods of high demand the Director may impose other options for ensuring fair use.
  • Volume must be muted or patron provided headphones/earbuds are required.
  • Only one patron to a computer.
  • Accessing pornographic or explicit materials are not permitted.
  • Chat rooms and instant messaging programs are not permitted unless they are a built in portion of an existing website.
  • Unauthorized access including “hacking and other unlawful activities are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors is prohibited.
  • Parents/Legal Guardians of minors are responsible for their children’s behavior on the computer.
  • The OCCTPL filters computers to restrict access to materials harmful to minors.
  • The OCCTPL will not be held liable for any loss or damages incurred by using the library computers.
  • The OCCTPL will not be held liable for misinformation or information deemed inappropriate that is obtained while using library computers.
  • The library at any time reserves the right to ask patrons to leave the library if they are found to be in violation of any part of this policy.
  • Under Indiana law IC 36-12-1-12 the library agrees to review this policy yearly.

As these computers are within the public eye, viewed by all, including children, it is imperative that the rules that govern the use of computers are followed.

*** Approved by the Board of Trustees Nov. 12, 2015; Reaffirmed Nov. 9, 2016; Reaffirmed Nov. 8, 2017

***Updated to address high volume usage and headphones. 11/14/2018. Reaffirmed Nov. 13, 2019.

Internet Safety

Oakland City-Columbia Township Public Library (OCCTPL) recognizes that Internet Safety is the sole responsibility of the user. Library staff monitors computer use in order to assure that all patrons receive an opportunity to access information.  The OCCTPL, however, assumes no responsibility for supervising any minor’s Internet use.  That responsibility remains with the minor’s parent/guardian. Additionally, the OCCTPL staff will assist people with questions regarding Internet use, however, they take no responsibility in assuring the safety of any information found on the Internet and cannot guarantee the accuracy or safety of such information.

The OCCTPL does filter content that comes into our facility via the Internet. The filters are provided by ENA.  These filters conform to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) as well as block instant messaging services and chat rooms.  Should a patron have a legitimate need for accessing a blocked site they may request that the filter be turned off on their computer for a certain period of time.

The library also uses programs that prevent material from being stored on computers long term.  Patrons, who need to save material, should do so using an external source of storage such as a flash drive.